Fitness: Your Total Guide


Exercise is very good for our body inside and out.

Being mentally and physically fit you will immediately feel improvement and it will also offer you long term benefits.

Exercising regularly your body becomes more efficient and your heart begins to pump more blood with every beat and it also beat fewer times each minute. Your body also develops the capacity to make more oxygen that will be used in your cell regeneration. This would also mean more energy the greater your productivity, and stamina with less fatigue.

Exercising regularly will also make you feel good both physically and mentally which will give you psychological lift that will help strengthen your sense of accomplishment. With regular exercise it will also make you feel god about yourself.

 It is also important to exercise regularly as this will help your body reduce body fat and weight and will help you develop muscles. When you are fit, it will give you a better looking and better proportioned body having flat abdomen, slimmer hips and firmer thighs. Check out this link for more details.

It is also important that you increase your activity as you age; most people think that because of age, it slows down your metabolism but in reality without exercise it reduces flexibility, blood vessel elasticity and strength as well as lung function.

Having a regular exercise, it can also help in reducing and modify some of the risk factors that is associated to hearth disease such as elevated blood pressure, stress, obesity and high cholesterol levels. There is actually a study that lasted for three years in the University of Toronto showed that people who actually regularly exercise after a heart attack has less than 5 percent chance of having another hearth attack as those who do not or rarely exercise. You can visit this site to know more!

Physical fitness has 2 extremes, one is a well-conditioned person and the second is a completely inactive person. For a person to be considered to be well-conditioned, you have to work on four elements of physical fitness and these are: body composition, muscle fitness, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

A body composition is the ratio of the body fat and muscles. When you have too much fat there is a high risk of heart disease, arthritis, back problems, gout and diabetes. You can also learn more about health by checking out the post at .

Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of you heart, blood vessel, blood to transport oxygen into your muscles.

Muscle fitness is the strength, shape and endurance of your muscles. 

Flexibility is the range of motion that is possible at the joints of your body.