Why Indoor Air Quality is Important for Good Health


The indoor air quality is a main health concern. According to EPA or Environmental Protection Agency, the pollutant levels are about two to five times higher inside the home than the outside. These pollutants can include particulates and airborne particles such as VOCs or volatile organic compounds, toxic chemicals, gases, lung irritants, and allergens. The indoor air pollution tend to contaminate the air that we are breathing from day to day. Since you draw about nine out of ten breaths in the indoors, it is a lot easier to see why the indoor air quality has become a major health problem. In general, you usually inhale an approximation of 2 tablespoons of airborne particles every single day.

All of these pollutants place a stress on the immune system which can cause other health problems. The effects of the poor indoor air quality on a person is greatly varied based on the age as well as the present health condition. On the other hand, on the whole, poor indoor air quality can lead to weakened immune system, respiratory problems, as well as allergy symptoms. The children are particularly susceptible to the health problems caused by poor indoor air because their lungs are still small and that they need to do more breaths in a single day. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms or even asthma attacks in your own home, then it may be due to polluted indoor air quality. The other sources of indoor air quality problems may include a new pet, water damage, new furniture, environmental changes such as recent constructions, lingering odors, or poor ventilation. If you want to learn more health information, you can visit http://edition.cnn.com/HEALTH/diet.fitness/vitamins.supplements/ .

Solutions to poor indoor air:

The Environmental Protection Agency suggest 3 basic things in order to improve indoor air quality and these are control of the source of air pollution, fungus , enhance or improve ventilation, and buy an air purifier. Your initial step should be an effort to control the sources of air pollution in your home.

If the indoor air pollution is coming from something like chemical off-gassing, smoke, or molds, it may be probable to take it away from your home; this is considered as the most efficient and lasting method of enhancing indoor air quality. On the other hand, a couple of indoor air pollutants such as pollens or dust are too persistent and you can't always take away their sources. As a result, hiring a professional can be a great choice for you, visit website here!